If you have a house, children, an IRA or 401(k) or are a single parent, the things you love most are on the line...
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You Have Things and People In Your Life That You Care About And Love
You Have Individuals In Mind That You Want To Take Care Of Those Items Or People, In The Event You Are Unable To
What Will Happen To Them If You Pass Away or Become Incapacitated? If You Haven't Legally Put A Plan In Place, You Just Don't Know . . .
Ready to Protect
What You Love Most?
Using OUr Revolutionary System,
You Can Put Your Legal plan And Documents IN Place
In Just ONe Hour
 This is the exact same Trust design with support documents and forms (we now call the eStatePlan™) we have used with over 17,000 individuals . . .
 No need to wait weeks or months on attorneys*
 100% Remote Process, Including Signatures
What you get using this REVOLUTIONARY system . . . 
  •  One hour "Needs" consult with estate planning consultant (valued at $300)
  •  Your eStatePlan™ (customized trust and support documents, online access and more) tailored to your needs (valued at $4,000)
  •  Continued access to view and update your documents as your needs change (valued at $600+ PER INCIDENT)
  •  Peace of Mind (can you really put a price on that?)
  •  Total Value of OVER $4,900...
For Only $595! (limited time only)
You Won't Find A Better Deal Out There To Put Your Plan In Place And Experience True Peace Of Mind
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If you have set up your trust and are satisfied with it, that's great! But chances are you know someone that hasn't completed their planning yet . . . 
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  •  Unbeatable Price. Trust plans start at just $595 including consultation, implementation and more!
  •  Unparalleled Service. With over 30+ years of experience and over 17,000 trusts implemented, we make sure that the job gets done right the first time.
  •  Ongoing Support. After a trust is implemented, the job isn't over! We make sure our clients have the ability to update their documents as their needs change
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
See the Difference for Yourself!
Most people know they need to address setting up an estate plan. 

However, surveys continually state that 60% of adult Americans do not have a Will! Many of these people have expressed their concern that the process is a “struggle”. 

This means that they are confused or overwhelmed by the perceived method involved to do an estate plan!
A key objective of Trust Docs Online is to make it first and foremost easy to understand how basic estate planning works and how it applies to people in general. 

Understanding allows one to more easily initiate the process. Now, when the process is quick, efficient and easy-to-do, it creates responses like, “This is way easier that I thought it would be!” 

Additionally, knowing how easy it is to tweak an objective – this allows most people to feel real peace of mind.

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You've Heard of Wills...
You've Heard of Trusts...
But Have You Heard WHY You Need Them?
From The Desk Of Don Deasy, CLU, ChFC
Estate Planning Consultant of Over 30 Years
A common misconception is that wills and trust are only for the old or rich... that's just not the case! 

Unfortunately, many people don't realize that if something were to happen to them and they don't have a "plan" (meaning a trust or will) in place, certain organizations such as the government can step in and do what they think is "best" with the things you love most... whether that's your children, your house, or other similar things that mean a lot to you!

That is why we created a unique, online system designed to customize a "plan" we call the eStatePlan™ suited to your needs, in just under an hour, for only $595! This is a limited time offer.

Normally, people get analysis paralysis and think it takes weeks, months, or even years to get an expensive attorney involved and put these plans in place.


It just takes an hour out of your day . . . and we will help, so you can get the plan you need. I look forward to working with you!
Don Deasy
What is Estate Planning anyway?
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
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"I think this is fabulous!" -Sheila, AZ
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"User friendly, easily accessible, 'well oiled machine' and reasonably priced" -Marine, NV
"This is very slick!" -Jeanne, CO
"We are happy our advisor led us here!" -Caralee, NC
"Thanks for all your help and making this a very painless process!" -Lori, NY
"This was way easier than I thought it would be." -Dawn, CA
"Thanks for making it so easy to review our estate plan!" -Hertha, CA
All it takes is one HOur...
  • Take control of your financial future
  • Keep control of the things that matter most
  • Don't risk others dictating what should be done with YOUR stuff
  • Leave a legacy others will remember
  • Stop procrastinating and thinking you will get to it "someday"
  • Take advantage of this unique, extremely low-priced offer!
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